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Hooman Boutique Hotel Yazd

We thank God that after many years, he tries to provide a house in the heart of the historical fabric of Yazd, made of raw clay and the seal of life so that he can host rumors for our precious guests from all over the world.
Zargan House belonged to the first gold of Yazd, a house of aristocrats with an area of over two thousand meters, which is located at a maximum distance from the historical sites of Yazd, Zargan House, which is now called Hotel Hooman by the group of It is the most experienced engineers. The city of Yazd was reconstructed from 2016 to 2019 and was inaugurated on November 30, 2019.

Hooman Restaurant

In addition to providing the best hosting services, Hooman Yazd Hotel has a very stylish and luxurious restaurant, with a varied menu, delicious food, and exemplary quality that welcomes your dear ones every day.

Rooms and suites

If you are planning to travel to Yazd and you are thinking of a pleasant stay in the depths of ancient history. Combining a modern and traditional environment and being in the heart of the historical context, the Hooman Boutique hotel is exactly what you are looking for.


Pleasant taste with the highest quality drinks in the world in a different environment from what you have ever seen, drink in Hooman with the taste of the traditional and beautiful texture of Yazd and enjoy the quality.

Hooman Boutique Hotel Reservation

Hooman Boutique Hotel is a place of relaxation

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