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Chekchek or “Chekcheko” is one of the important Zoroastrian shrines. This shrine, which Zoroastrians also call Pir Sabz, is located in Yazd province and Ardakan city in the mountains between Ardakan and Anjireh. Zoroastrians gather in this shrine for four days every year from June 15 and pray.

The name “Chekchek” or “Chekcheko” is said to be derived from the sound of water droplets dripping from a rock and now being directed to a storage source. Pir Sabz shrine has amenities such as electricity, drinking water and a number of rooms that have been built for relaxation, which are called “kheila”. Inside one of the rooms there is a well more than 50 meters deep.

According to Zoroastrians, at the time of the Arab invasion (by order of Umar) to Iran, which resulted in the fall of the Sassanid king at the time (Yazdgerd), Nik Banu, the Shah’s daughter, escaped from the Arabs and came to Ardakan and hid in the mountains and disappeared. It was used as a Zoroastrian shrine. One of Nik Banoo’s maids named Gohar Banoo (Morvarid) is also buried a few kilometers away from him, who is known as Pir Harisht.

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