Amir Chakhmaq

Amir Chaghmaq Square is the name of a square in the city of Yazd. The Amir Chaghmaq complex of Yazd includes a bazaar, a reliance, a mosque and two water reservoirs dating back to the Timurid period. Tekyeh Amir Chaghmaq in 1330 and Amir Chaghmaq Mosque in 1341 were registered in the list of national monuments of Iran. Amir Chaghmaq Square is one of the most significant historical and tourist complexes in Yazd.

Amir Jalaluddin Chaghmaq, one of the commanders and commanders of Shahrokh Teymouri in the 8th century during the reign of Yazd, built a complex consisting of a reliance, square, public bath, caravanserai, monastery, aqueduct and cold water well to prosper Yazd and in this work Fatemeh Khatun, his wife (known as Seti Fatemeh), whose tomb is located on the north side of Arsen Amir Chaghmaq, helped him.

Restoration of the tiles of this historical building was the responsibility of Professor Mohammad Ali Falahati Marvast, who unfortunately has no name or address of this prominent architect in this huge building.

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