Alexander Prison

From the parts of this building, we can mention the existence of a well with a diameter of about 4 meters in the middle of the school yard, which leads to a crypt to a depth of about 7 meters, the height of the dome reaches 20 meters and has beautiful beds and decorations with golden and azure watercolors. Most of it is gone.

There are legends about this building, which date back to the time of Alexander the Great’s invasion of Iran, which was used as a prison, which later changed its use and was used as a school.

Ziaieh school in Yazd is of Azeri style. This school is built in four stages. First, the dome of the old house was built for the tomb at the same time as the Mongol invasion, and it was not a school. Two hundred years later, in the early tenth century, the grandson of the first builder of the dome built this school next to it and made it a school. The door also opens to the school. There was a teacher’s house here, a small part of which is visible. Unlike the house of Modarres Ebrahim Khan Kerman, which can be reached from inside the school, in this porch you can reach the house of Modarres. In addition to the porch in front of the cells, the mezzanine has four higher porches, which make it four porches

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